Smartfit Stainless Steel Press-Fit Piping System

The SmartFit Press-Fit Stainless Steel System is the ideal solution for installing Stainless Steel pipework. Pressfitted pipe joints are fast, easy and risk-free.

Standard Pipe is available in O.D. tube sizes – 15, 22, 28, 35, 42, 54, 76.1, 88.9, 108139.7, 168.3

When installing, the pipe is pushed into the fitting, up to the stop, then the jaw attachments of the pressing tool press the toroidal end of the fitting into the pipe.

Pressing produces two deformations. The first, radial deformation, compresses the 0-ring in the toroidal chamber and guarantees that the pipe is hermetically sealed. The second, geometric deformation of both fitting and pipe, creates a mechanical joint, resistant to slipping and rotation.

The resulting pressing profile varies according to diameter. Joints produced in this way are extremely strong, but flexible enough to withstand the stresses resulting from initial installation and those,such as vibrations and thermal expansion etc., that occurs in normal operating conditions. 

Conditions of use

• Maximum operating pressure: 16 bar (40 Bar/580 psi available on approved applications).

• Operating temperature: -20°C +95°C

• Maximum temperature: 120°C (On approved applications.)

• 316L polished S/S tubing for a superior finish. High alloy austenitic Cr-Ni-Mo Fittings made from the same high grade 316 S/S with a choice of O-Rings for chemical suitability.

• The speed of a SmartFit system will amaze you. Competent tradesmen can install a press fit system without the need of qualified welders.

    • Faster and Cheaper
    • Less time on the job
    • Cuts Costs up to 30%

• 25 Year Manufacturer backed product guarantee for all approved applications.

The System is designed for use with common “M” profile Press Jaws, the system is bulk stocked in a number of locations Australia wide.

Using Press fittings is up to 10 times faster than conventional Tig welding techniques for stainless steel. No need to completely drain pipe contents prior to alterations. Press Fittings can be crimped wet or dry.


• No fire hazard or heavy installation equipment, makes it easier to comply with OH&S requirements.

• Pressing Tool with inbuilt safety features ensures each press is the same every time, no uncertainty of weld integrity.

Standard Pipe is available in O.D. tube sizes – 15, 22, 28, 35, 42, 54, 76.1, 88.9, 108139.7, 168.3

The SmartFit 316L pipes and pressfittings are made of austenitic stainless Cr- Ni-Mo steel, n. 1.4404 which conforms to Standard UNI EN 10088 (AISI 316L). 304 grade SS pipe n. 1.4307 is available as a more economic alternative to 316L. The nominal dimension used to identify both components of the joint refers to the outside diameter of the pipe.

SmartFit Pipes for use in mains systems are manufactured to AS 5200.053 and conform to Standard DVGW- GW 547/2004 and are marked as such. Dimensional tolerances conform to Standard EN ISO 1127 D4/T4. These pipes are sold in 6-metre lengths and are capped both ends.

The SmartFit 316L Stainless Steel pipe and standard fittings have been certified for drinking water use by many national and international authorities. Notably it exceeds the demanding quality requirements of the Australian Watermark.

The SmartFit Stainless Steel Press-Fit system is the ideal solution for drinking water systems as the AlSI 316L stainless steel used is completely hygienic and highly corrosion resistant. The standard o-rings made of black EPDM, are resistant to ageing, heat and SmartFit Stainless Steel Press-Fit chemical additives and are particularly suitable for all types of treated water. The reliable, high-quality components are suitable for heating, cooling, compressed air, oil and diesel lines in the civil, industrial and manufacturing sectors.

APS Industries Pty Ltd proudly supports the SmartFit brand offering turnkey solutions.

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